Natural vs Chemical: A Showdown of Pet Grooming Products

Helloooow pet parents, its Scott again. As a pet groomer for few years, I’ve worked with hundreds of shampoos, sprays, toothpastes, and more for bathing, cleaning, and beautifying furry friends. Recently, more natural pet grooming options have joined the shelves alongside conventional chemical products. But which is better for pets? Let’s compare these two categories of pet grooming products.

Ingredients Face Off

When scouring ingredient lists, natural grooming products use plant oils, while chemical products are formulated with lab-created compounds.

Natural IngredientsChemical Ingredients
Aloe VeraSodium Lauryl Sulfate
Coconut OilArtificial Fragrances
Essential OilsParabens
Shea ButterFormaldehyde
Plant ExtractsSulfates

Ingredients like coconut oil, aloe-vera, and essential oils are familiar and safe, even if ingested. In contrast, sodium lauryl sulfates, artificial dyes, and parabens in chemical grooming products have been linked to skin irritation, toxicity, and other health issues in pets according to vets like those at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

When it comes to ingredients, natural pet grooming is the clear winner for me. I recognize these ingredients and feel good using them on precious pup 🐶 and kitty 🐱 fur.

Scent Showdown

Products of natural pet grooming, harness the aroma therapeutic benefits of plant oils like lavender🌿, citrus🍋, and mint🌱 for authentic scents. Chemical products rely on artificial “perfumes” mixed up in a lab that simply mask odors.

natural pet grooming scent

Essential oil scents also purify the air after bath time through natural deodorizing, unlike synthetic fragrances that can worsen indoor air pollution according to studies like those done by environmental health organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council. With natural products, that wet dog 🐶 smell becomes a cool memory!

Point for natural in the scent category.

Environmental Health Supports Natural Pet Grooming

Harsh chemical ingredients harm the environment once washed. Studies by groups like the Environmental Working Group show chemicals in regular shampoos like sulfates and formaldehyde derive from petroleum, pollute waterways 🌊, and damage marine life 🐟.

Natural pet grooming products utilize:

✅ Biodegradable ingredients
✅ Non-toxic formulas
✅ Sustainable practices

For years beyond bath time making the natural choice benefits the planet 🌎 . I prefer grooming products that care for the environment as much as they care for pets!

![Image of clean lake next to polluted lake]

Environmental advantage goes to natural products.

Natural Pet Grooming : Healthy Skin and Fur

Oils and plant extracts have therapeutic benefits for skin and coats. Aloe vera🌿, tea tree oil🌿, oatmeal, and shea butter in natural pet grooming products soothe sensitive or irritated skin on dogs 🐶 and cats 🐱. Antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties in plant oils support overall skin health too, as explained by holistic vets such as those at Natural Pet Animal Hospital. And yeah allergies! we discussed that in detail with our previous article, check that out.

Chemical ingredients like formaldehyde and sulfates strip away natural oils, leading to dryness, flaking, and itching. Harsh detergents disrupt the microbiome balance on pets’ skin.

Winner is natural for utilizing ingredients that holistically nurture skin and fur.

Simpler Formulas Used By Natural Pet Grooming

Product TypeNumber of Ingredients
Natural10 or less

Most natural pet grooming products contain 10 ingredients or less, while chemical products can have 20+ ingredients with tongue-twisting names. Fewer ingredients mean fewer opportunities for adverse reactions. I also appreciate knowing exactly what I’m using during grooming sessions.

Budget Factor Favors: Natural Pet Grooming

Premium natural brands can cost $1-3 more per product. But customers find this small splurge worthwhile for higher quality ingredients that benefit pets 🐶🐱, people 🧍🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️, and the planet 🌎. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better value.

Health Food Stores

With around a 10% price difference, natural pet grooming delivers greater overall value for conscious pet lovers.

The Final Verdict Favors: Natural Pet Grooming

When pitted head to head, natural pet grooming products come out the winner in my professional opinion. From the quality ingredients to aroma therapeutic scents to eco-friendly formulas, natural grooming better nurtures the health and wellbeing of pets 🐶🐱 while minimizing environmental impact.

Natural Pet Grooming vs Chemical

Pet parents seeking to make the natural switch can:

  • Look for USDA Organic, Leaping Bunny, EPA Safer Choice certifications 🏷️
  • Research natural oils perfect for your pet’s needs 🛍️
  • Gradually transition current products to natural ones ✅
  • Shop specialty retailers like Chewy and OnlyNaturalPet for the best selection 🐾

That it for now guys, Scott out! Let me know if you have any other questions about switching to natural pet grooming! I’m happy to help. #naturalpetgrooming #cleanandgreenpets